Spartan Foods Eroded By Digital

By Joel Albrizio

How Does Spartan Foods Fight Digital Competition With Print?

Like most big box retailers Spartan Foods is in the fight of its life. Competitors of Spartan Foods print marketing program have all of the information to compete with Spartan Foods as the ad breaks! Yes, that is correct. The competition has the weekly circular real time for the sale week and is now ready to compete with Spartan Foods...Digitally!

Spartan Food ad often breaks on Tuesday. Therefor, any Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM or Monday evening into the early morning hours into Tuesday, Spartan Foods competition can eMail potential customers. The competition fully understands all of Spartan Foods weekly specials. The competition can simply review the Spartan Foods printed circular and match or lower prices as desired digitally. All of this can be done within moments of the Spartan Foods ad break.

Now Lets Add A Recipe Video From Bad-Adz & Give The Customer Recipe Ideas While Lowering The price Point Below That Of Spartan Foods!

If as the competitor and Spartan Foods we agree Spartan Foods has established a great price this week for porterhouse steaks at $3.99lb. all we need to do is to advertise the same item to the same customer at $3.89lb.

Perhaps understanding Spartan Foods is running porterhouse steaks we could then substitute this steak for another beef item that is similar but with broader based appeal in that market.

Does that in itself make the competition, especially the independent grocer unbeatable? No, that is not the case. However, if you operate the independent retail supermarket you just accomplished the value proposition. You matched or beat the big box price responsibly and not well lower than was necessary.

Spartan Foods digital competitors costs per retail location might run as low as $500 while the printed and distributed weekly circular could reach costs as high as $7,500 per location for Spartan Foods.

As the retail food marketplace tightens a well advised supermarket retailer might enjoy retail sales growth if he or she allocated the $7,000 weekly printed ad savings toward mark downs intentionally positioned to drive retail sales.

Try digital and have some fun with all of the real time opportunities to build retail sales.

Many have asked why I choose to write about what I see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. At Bad-Adz Digital, & Adlife we believe great ideas and the resulting branding will give new life and direction to any company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.

Yes, I understand I probably misspelled something or butchered the English language in a few places, the goal however was to open your minds to new ideas.

Joel Albrizio Bad-Adz Digital, & Adlife